RTLS INC offers a complete list of RFID capabilities and solutions. Starting with an initial Orientation Day, RTLS INC will help companies ground themselves with the current state of RFID technology and market offering.  

Follow on help includes assistance developing a companies global RFID strategy and explicitly defining and documenting measurable benefits, values and ROI for all stages of RFID deployments.

RTLS INC believes that most companies considering RFID struggle with a precise statement of value and benefit.  To help with this definition, RTLS INC has developed a unique set of tools, based on SCOR, Lean, and Six Sigma methodologies to deliver an explicit, easy to understand, RFID Value Map™.  

Once strategies and values are clear, RTLS INC offers a second industry-defining service - RFID Turnkey Pilot™.  This unique program provides companies with a fixed-fee, self-contained RFID pilot project.  Focusing on a discrete supply chain process, RTLS INC will design, deploy and run a complete RFID pilot project.  The fixed fee project includes all equipment, tags, printers, reports, and documentation of value and benefit measures and metrics.

RTLS INC complete services include:
  • RFID Orientation Day & Overview
  • RFID Program & Strategy Development

  • RFID Turnkey Pilot™
  • RFID Value Map™
  • RFID Benchmark™
  • RFID Vendor selection
  • Electronic environment analysis
  • IT RFID Architectural Design
  • ERP integration design
  • Data mapping and transformation
  • RFID Desktop Procedures
  • Project Management

  • Support Services
  • Independent Performance Monitoring


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